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Stevelinck nv started in 1979 as a young starting company and has grown out during the years into one of the most important companies that produce machine parts by implementing high technology procedures.
Quality, precision and knowledge constitute a clear surplus value for the client.

By continuing to invest in innovative technologies and the training of staff, we can carry out the most diverse orders of our clients. In this way, our company has earned a good reputation internationally and it delivers to world players in the industrial world.


An extensive up-to-date machinery allows us to offer a completely finished and quality product including possible assembly or preassembly.


Our experienced team sees to it that our devices and machines are always perfectly set.
Measure and control facilities are all integrated in the production process, so that a continuous quality is guaranteed.
Our motivated team of 20 persons allows us to deliver the orders punctually.
The logistic coordination of our company processes is supported by a very powerful ERP system.
In collaboration with the client, Stevelinck nv always looks for the cheapest and most efficient production method.


Thanks to a large flexibility (we work in a 2-team system) and an extensive stock of divers materials, we can guarantee short delivery periods and competitive prices.

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