Our machinery can treat technical synthetic materials as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Based on this machinery, we offer a large range of products. Going from very simple to complex parts, as well as polished parts.


Stevelinck nv uses conventional, “teach-in” and CNC lathes. In this way, we can choose the optimum machine for an efficient production depending on the dimensions of the part and the required treatment.

Maximal turning angle till Ø 640 mm


Stevelinck nv uses conventional as well as CNC milling machines. In this way, we can carry out all the treatments, from the most simple to the most complex one, on a single machine that is best suited for the job.

Maximal milling angle in 1 fixture and treatment:

3600 mm x 920 mm x 720 mm of which 5-axled till a diameter of  700 mm.


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